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7shifts restaurants can now offer free on-demand pay to their employees!

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By coming together 7shifts & Clair make it possible to offer both flexible scheduling and real-time pay, helping restaurants stand out and offer the benefits that today’s workforce is looking for.

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    Attract and retain staff

    Clair gives your employees access to the money they’ve earned for free, when they need it, at no cost to you.

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    Offer financial wellness

    Increase employee productivity, reduce turnover and hire faster in a competitive job market with this great benefit.

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    Enjoy seamless integration

    There are no changes to your payroll process, cash flow, or how you run your business. Clair takes care of everything!

Set up a call with us!

Have one of our team members help you get set up or answer any questions you may have!

How do my employees get set up with Clair?

Step 1

Login to your 7shifts mobile app.

Step 2

On the employee dashboard, or under ‘My Timesheets’, click the ‘Get Paid Early’ button.

Step 3

Click ‘Get Started’ to launch the Clair widget and create an account.

Spread the news to your employees

Copy/Paste our announcement for your employees:

Hi team! I’m excited to share that we now offer On-Demand Pay through 7shifts and it’s partnership with Clair. On-demand pay is a way for you to get access to a portion of your earnings before payday, as soon as you clock out! And the most important thing is that Clair is free. If interested, you can sign up directly through the 7shifts app. Let me know if you have questions!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Clair make money?

    There’s no catch. When signing up, employees will receive a Clair Debit Mastercard, with no-fee withdrawals at over 55,000 in-network ATMs. When employees buy things with the Clair debit card, Mastercard pays Clair a percentage of what they earn. This way, Clair will never charge your restaurant or your employee for taking a wage advance.

    View Clair’s Fee Comparison Chart

  • Does Clair work with my payroll company?

    Yes, your employees simply have to change their direct deposit to their Clair Spending Account. Clair On-Demand Pay has no impact on your current payroll processes. The advance and reimbursement all happen outside of your payroll.

  • My employees do not clock in through 7shifts. Will Clair still work?

    Yes, as long as you have an active integration between 7shifts and your POS where employees clock in. The time punch data will automatically pass from your POS to 7shifts, and on to Clair.

  • What is my risk or liability?

    Clair takes on all risk and liability. When you make changes to your employees’ time punches, any changes will automatically sync with Clair. If the employee already advanced their pay, Clair will bear that risk entirely.

  • What do I need to set Clair up?

    Clair On-Demand Pay will be automatically set up with your 7shifts account and your employees can access it through their 7shifts mobile app.

    To opt-out of this feature, email us at [email protected]
    If your employees are not able to self-service their payroll setting/direct deposit set-up, you may receive direct deposit switch request forms.

  • Can I use Clair On-Demand Pay for daily tip payouts?

    Unfortunately, tips aren’t currently supported by Clair.

  • Can employees under 18 sign-up?

    Because Clair On-Demand Pay is a financial product, employees must be 18 or older to open an account.

  • How do I tell my employees about Clair On-Demand Pay?

    In the resources section, download and print the flyers to hand out to your employees. You can also create an Announcement through 7shifts to announce this new feature to your team!