Why DogTown, a dog hotel and groomer, uses Clair

Meet Anai Fonte, Founder of DogTown, a dog hotel and groomer founded in 2013 now with three locations across Miami.

The Challenge.

Here in Miami, we’ve had one of the biggest rent increases in the country. More than ever, my employees have been telling me how hard it’s been managing their expenses and keeping an air-tight budget.

I’ve been doing everything I can to support them and one idea I had was to pay them more often. I already had employees asking me for wage advances regularly so I knew this would have a big impact.

But, when I looked into doing it on my own it seemed impossible. I already have so much going on and I wouldn’t have the time to process this for everyone.

The Solution.

Clair made it so easy for me. It runs in the background so I also don’t have to do any work to keep it running.

Nearly all of my employees have signed up for Clair, and they keep telling me how much they love it. They’re telling me how it helps them pay for groceries and rent, how easy it is to use, and, most of all, they tell me how they love that every wage advance is free.

Activating it was just one click. It was as easy as that.

The Impact. Clair helps us adapt to a post-pandemic labor market.

Before the pandemic, my retention used to be about 18 months and I’d get 3-5 applicants a day for open positions. Now, employees stick around for 3 months, and we barely get 2-3 applicants per week. I’ve been doing everything I can to turn these numbers around but nothing helped as much as Clair.

Ever since offering Clair, I’ve noticed my employees have been sticking around longer. They love that they have On-Demand Pay and know that it makes working at DogTown unique.

I also noticed that after I started writing that we offer Clair in our job descriptions, there's been an increase in the number and quality of applicants we received. Clair has helped give me back some peace of mind as a small business owner.

They tell me how they love that every wage advance is free.

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