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March 30th, 2022

We’re ushering in a new era in banking, one of clarity and transparency when it comes to navigating your finances.

In 2019, three friends came together with a mission: to solve a problem in the HR tech world. They grappled with their own experiences, the daily realities of hourly workers in New York, and came to realize that the outdated, two-week paycycle is a big challenge for many.

And then, Clair was born. Today, we’re ushering in a new era in banking, one of clarity and transparency when it comes to navigating your finances.

We want to empower workers with the tools they need to get paid for their work each day, freeing them from the traditional two-week wait. We’re a full-service banking platform with heart, determined to help the American workforce overcome the worry of living paycheck to paycheck. 

How are we fighting financial stress? Here are some quotes directly from our users on how they feel Clair has helped them improve their financial position:

“Clair has really helped me get through tough times due to the rising costs of food and gas,” says Danielle, employed by the hospitality industry. “[Clair] has been a godsend.”

Or ask Josiah, who works in a restaurant. “I had an emergency trip to take home and was able to access my Payday Wallet to get the money I needed.”

We love hearing how Clair has helped solve some of the real challenges we see in the news day in and day out. We call this financial freedom, and we’re on a mission to make sure everyone has it.

Why is our mission of ‘financial freedom’ so important? 

For many workers, one flat tire or dental emergency can instantly impact their budget. Meanwhile, others may need to make the difficult decision between purchasing groceries or paying rent. At Clair, we want to put the power into the hands of employees. In short, everyone can decide what day is their payday, based on their circumstances that week. 

“Financial freedom means not needing to be stressed or worried about paying the bills or making ends meet,” says Kira, Director of Marketing at Clair. “Just getting to live my life, spend my money the way that I want, and save it the way that I want. I truly believe what we’re doing matters and that everyone deserves to have financial freedom.” 

No matter your situation, money can be stressful—financial woes impact our sleep, our relationships, and our well-being. At Clair, we want to use our know-how to chip away at these problems so people can, well, live better!

Finally, financial flexibility for all 

We’re also forging a new path beyond on-demand pay. Financial planning tools and savings opportunities aren’t accessible to workers without traditional bank accounts. And we want to change that. 

In the United States, 25% of Americans are “underbanked.” They either don’t have a bank account, or they rely on predatory payday loans steeped in fees. We’re unleashing access to financial tools like a debit card, spending visibility, savings accounts, fee-free ATM withdrawals, and mobile wallets to more workers so they can finally access opportunities to invest and save. 

“It most influences my day-to-day life in the sense of just having the stability,” says Clair user Chloe, who is an actress who supplements her income through hospitality work. “[I can see] how much I am actually spending and all of my transactions in a neat and clean way. During the Omicron surge, I was nervous about not having work over the next 10 days. I opened [the app] and was like, ‘I’ll take this check a couple days early,’ so that was a nice resource.” 

With this new financial flexibility, we’re helping people “not worry so much about what they have in their bank account,” says co-founder & COO Alex Kostecki, so they can start living their lives.

So what’s it like to work at Clair? 

For Nico Simko, our founder and CEO, the Clair mission is deeply personal. “I have a payday lender just in front of my apartment in Brooklyn, and there is a long line on the 25th of every month. I am not going to stop until that line disappears,” he says. “Success for us is that no matter who you are or what you make, if you have a job, you'll have access to cash whenever you need it."

With the goal of granting financial freedom to everybody—we need everybody. Our team is thriving with diverse mindsets and backgrounds to ensure our financial tools are tuned to the needs of all workers. We know that we need all voices to get the job done, including yours! 

And hey—we like to have fun while doing it all!

Working at a tech company in the social impact space means that we have a chance to make a difference every day. We love the enthusiasm and creative energy that sizzles through our team, a quality that makes company bonding experiences all the more special. “Each member of the Clair team brings so much knowledge, creativity, passion, and support to the table,” says Senior Marketing Associate, Hope Chen. “At Clair, team happy hours are more a treat than a chore because I genuinely enjoy spending time with my coworkers.” 

When we can, we love to bring everyone together for fun outings like bowling and karaoke. Based in New York City, there’s certainly no shortage of exciting experiences to embark on as a team. Plus, if that doesn’t sway you, we’re a dog-friendly office. Convinced now? 

At Clair, we’re looking for those who want to serve as more than Worker #396. We’re looking for those who wish to become part of something meaningful. Join us, and you’ll be more than an employee—but a financial champion.

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