Every day is payday

Need gas? Groceries? A train ticket? We got you covered.
Access to your day’s pay the moment you clock out of work.

Say goodbye to ridiculous banking fees*

Paying with your debit card anywhere?
Getting money at an ATM?
Paying your rent via ACH?
Getting a wage advance?

* See all our attractive fees in our fee schedule.

No more waiting for your paycheck

Get it when you clock-out!

  • Do you need money for a tank of gas on a Tuesday? Getting paid on Friday?
  • Get your paycheck as soon as you clock out of work.
  • If you earned it, it’s yours. So that’s free.


How it works

40 percent
Withdraw from your earned wages account to your spending account in times of need

3.15 paycheck
You’ll receive the rest of your paycheck at the end of the week

b-corp score increase
It’s all free. It’s not hard for us to get you what you’ve already earned

Build a brighter future step by step.
We help you save money.

app plus 1
Two accounts
One for your spending and one for your savings
app plus 2
Build a safety net
Automatically save part of your paycheck
app plus 3
Help you to find no-fee ATMs and cash-back locations
app plus 4
Self imposed
Limits to keep you on track
app mock
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