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Gig Platforms

Whether you match nurses with hospitals, drivers with destinations, or freelancers with businesses, we can help you provide a better talent experience that rewards you in the long run.
All gig workers want to be paid faster
Ever since Uber and Lyft started paying drivers instantly, the gig economy has become synonymous with faster pay.
Surveys from Mastercard and show that skilled freelancers like engineers, managers, and architects want to get paid as quickly as drivers, porters, and cashiers.
Fill shifts faster & get more predictable supply
85% of gig workers would work more often if they were paid faster. And most of them would switch to a platform that offers instant pay advances. Say goodbye to no-shows and hello to talent that shows up on time because you show up for them.
Pay instantly, without changing your payment schedule
You can pay your freelancers faster than you do now. We advance the money so you can process payments on your normal schedule. No need to worry about additional cashflow requirements.
Prior fintech experience not required
We get it - financial services are intimidating. From security risks to regulatory concerns, there's a lot to be worried about. When you partner with us, we're responsible for dealing with all the complexity that comes with setting up a financial service so you can focus on what you do best.

A new revenue stream for you

We give you cashback for each shared user on our platforms. Whether they an advance or not, you benefit. It's that simple.

Your best cashout method yet

Clair plays well with the current payment processing platform you're already using today. Whether you're on Stripe, Hyperwallet, or PaymentRails, you can offer Clair as an instant payout option.

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