Strengthen Your WFM Solution with Clair's Payday Wallet

Move Beyond Time and Attendance

WFM providers are now stepping beyond time and attendance and into employee experience, which includes on-demand access to pay. Clair’s Payday Wallet is an on-demand pay solution that is easy to integrate, mission-driven, and helps you stay ahead in the employee experience revolution.

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In the Past

Compliance-first Focus

"Help us manage workers' time more accurately and efficiently"


Employee-first Focus

"Help us attract and retain talent through a better employee experience"

Embedded solution that requires no changes to existing processes

Clair's Payday Wallet is an embedded solution that comes with a smooth and seamless integration into existing processes for higher user adoption and greater employee retention than other on-demand pay providers.

Be mission driven with Clair's Payday Wallet

Evidence shows that employers gain from caring about their employees' financial wellness.

With Clair's mission-driven Payday Wallet, you can step outside time and attendance and help your customers reap the benefits of having financially healthy employees — all while never charging them or their workers for wage advances.

Don't settle for less. Add Clair's Payday Wallet Solution to upgrade your business today. Do the right thing AND get paid for it.

Key Benefits

Socially driven solution

Easy to integrate into existing processes

Additional revenue stream for you, for free

Fully compliant in all 50 states

Ready to join the on-demand pay revolution?

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