Clair has partnered with Attendance on Demand to bring free wage advances to over 1 million new users!Read More


Human Capital Management Platforms

We partner with platforms of all types, including payroll providers, PEOs, and everything in between. Learn more about how Clair can help differentiate you from your competitors.


Take your time and payroll products to the next level

Wage advances based on time data

You've spent years perfecting your time and attendance product to avoid buddy punches and missed clock outs. Whether or not you have your own payroll product or integrate with others, you can start offering free wage advances to all your users and turning your data into a powerful new feature.

Rethink paycards

Don't get left behind as the biggest names in payroll start offering instant payment options. Clair is more than a paycard; it's a holistic financial service that employees love.

Prior fintech experience not required

We get it — financial services are intimidating. From security risks to regulatory concerns, there's a lot to be worried about. When you partner with us, we're responsible for dealing with all the complexity that comes with setting up financial services so you can focus on what you do best.

Your newest revenue stream

We give you cashback for each shared user on our platforms. Whether they take an advance or not, you benefit. It's that simple.

A benefit for your customers

Higher retention, lower replacement costs

Financial benefits that give employees fast access to pay can reduce turnover by 20-40%. Help your customers save on hiring and training costs.

Employer of choice branding is just the beginning

When employees need quick cash, they don't want to have to turn to predatory payday lenders. Show them that their employer has their back.

Relief on business cashflow, no impact on payroll runs

Clair funds the advances so neither you nor your customers have to. We also work within existing payroll processes so your customers don't need to run payroll more often.

No more cutting checks for the underbanked

Employers often pay up to $4.43 to process and print a check per employee, per pay period. Those costs add up. By paying electronically, you help your customers save.

Fully embedded into your products (or a little bit less)

If you're already onboarding employees and processing I-9s, getting paid on Clair is just one more checkbox to collect consent. No more paper forms or separate applications needed.

Not sure yet if you want to go all in? No problem. We have out-of-the box solutions that support any level of integration that you're comfortable with.

Ready to explore Clair?

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