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Instant pay access

Get workers paid as soon as they finish work

Just 4 Easy Steps


Workers sign up for Clair and set up direct deposit

Signing up for a Clair account becomes just one more check box in the employee or contractor onboarding process. After collecting consent, platforms can pass on their l-9 or W-8 data via APIs and we'll take care of the rest.

Clair offers daily wage advances based on hours worked.

Whenever a worker clocks out of work or finishes a task, we take that data and offer them the ability to request an advance. Clair advances a portion of gross wages to account for deductions and corrections.
5 hours @
$15/hr = $75
"You can
advance up to
$75 today"

Workers request advances, which are pushed directly onto their Spending Account.

Workers can request free wage advances from either a partner's app or the Clair app. These advances are processed and can be used at a retailer, withdrawn at an ATM, or transferred to another account.

Clair automatically deducts advances on the next payday.

Clair deducts any advances made on payday. We are responsible for ensuring that we are repaid by our users.

$1000 paycheck

$925 net pay

Less financial stress means more productive employees

By giving workers the flexibility to receive their pay as soon as they earn it, they don't have to take out high-interest payday loans or pay overdraft fees just to make ends meet. Less financial stress means they can put their best foot forward every day they step into work. A study of 10,000 workers by Salary Finance found that employees who are worried about money are:
  • 5.8x more likely to miss deadlines

  • 2.2x more likely to seek employment elsewhere

  • 3.4x more likely to experience anxiety

  • 4x more likely to suffer from depression

  • 4.9x more likely to produce lower quality work

Both employers and employees benefit from instant pay access

Employers see benefits across the board...

Employer of choice branding
Providing employees a unique safety net with a differentiated benefit
Reduce check printing costs
On average, employers spend $4.43 per employee to prepare a payslip and print a check
Turnover reduction
Studies show 20-40% reduction in employee turnover with on-demand payment benefits

...and employees get a much needed financial product

Reduced need for payday loans
12M Americans rely on high-APR payday loans each year just to make ends meet
Savings in bank fees
The average American spends over $170 a year in bank fees
Safety net in challenging times
60% of Americans have less than $1,000 in savings; wage advanced can help during emergencies

Enable Instant Pay... (Almost) Instantly

In as little as 4 to 6 weeks we can integrate our systems and get workers ready to receive their pay instantly, at the end of each shift.
  • Test

  • Integrate

  • Sell

We can put together a proof of concept in a few weeks.

Every platform is different. We work closely with all our partners to understand your fintech requirements so we can quickly define use cases and ensure that we minimize development work down the line.
Average Time: 3 weeks

Well scoped requirements, clearly defined APIs

As a technology-first company, we understand that development teams have a long list of pre-defined priorities. We try to minimize our impact on them by providing APIs with a clearly-defined integration guide.
Average Time: 4 weeks

Helping partners maximize Clair across the organization

We work closely with sales and marketing teams to ensure that the benefits of Clair are embedded within all materials.
Average Time: 8 weeks

Want to learn more?

Meet one of our fintech consultants to explore how Clair can help your workers attain financial freedom

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