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June 10th, 2021

New York-based Clair enables human resources technology and gig companies to give hourly workers free cash advances on their earnings

June 10th, 2021

Clair helps workers avoid relying on predatory payday loans and instead gain access to a wide range of financial services.

June 10th, 2021

[Clair] has proven to reduce employee turnover by 20% to 40%, dramatically reducing overall business costs.

by Thomas Price
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June 10th, 2021

Clair’s angle is differentiated as the race to lock in every person globally with new financial services heats up

by Danny Crichton
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June 9th, 2021

Clair partners with gig-economy companies, which tend to have large workforces of employees working independently

by Lynne Marek
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May 17th, 2021

The partnership provide[s] Clair users with access to fully-featured digital banking services, including FDIC-insured deposit accounts with no monthly fees, inactivity fees, or overdraft.

by Francis Bignell
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May 13th, 2021

Together, MetaBank, Galileo, and Mastercard are the three pillars that enable Clair’s unique on-demand payment business model

February 25th, 2021

Unlike other solutions, Clair's is truly a no-cost benefit for both employers and employees.

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