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Clair’s mission is to make every worker financially free.

We believe that financial freedom is the first step to living a more empowered life. For us, that means:

  • giving workers access to their wages, for free, the moment they clock out of work
  • providing quality financial services without any high or hidden fees
  • working with employers to promote financial inclusivity

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Meet the Team

Nico Simko

Nico Simko
Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer
Nico manages the company's overall strategic direction and its relationships with its shareholders and customers. Prior to co-founding Clair, he was at J.P. Morgan, leading the M&A due diligence process on a broad range of payments companies for the firm’s Wholesale Payments division. He managed M&A, investment and partnerships due diligence on 10+ payments FinTechs worth over $25 billion. Originally from Switzerland and Argentina, Nico holds a B.A in Economics from Harvard University.


Alex Kostecki
Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer
Alex oversees the company's banking, product, and technical operations, ultimately ensuring that Clair is able to deliver a best-in-class financial experience for its customers. Previously with Deloitte Consulting in New York City, Alex was the lead Manager on M&A deals for clients in the payments space, from ideation to close. Alex led several strategy projects for credit card launches, customer service strategies, and marketing strategies, generating upwards of $5 million in revenue. Alex has been published in the Wall Street Journal, and holds an MBA from New York University's Stern School of Business.

Erich Nussbaumer

Erich Nussbaumer
Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer
Erich directs the Clair mobile app, ultimately ensuring that users have delightful banking experiences. When mobile banking was only starting at the beginning of 2010’s in Kenya, Erich wrote a thesis on the usage of behavioral economic theory to increase savings and went on to design a product for microfinance institutions to better serve their clients. During his early career at Real Impact Analytics, Erich developed a deep understanding of how to integrate cutting-edge tech products in large businesses to improve their bottom line. Erich is originally from Switzerland and Peru, and holds an MPA from Harvard University.

Julie Gele

Julie Gele
Head of Technology
Julie has nearly a decade of experience developing fintech products and over 20 years of experience as an engineer. Her expertise is in developing modern scalable technology with financial applications. Julie holds both a BS and MS from Texas A&M University.

Lance Katigbak

Lance Katigbak
Chief of Staff
Lance leads Clair's sales, partnerships, and marketing efforts. He joins Clair from Boston Consulting Group where he spent over three years advising clients across the USA and Asia-Pacific on financial technology, operations, and retail. Lance has a Bachelor's degree, magna cum laude, in Visual and Environmental Studies from Harvard University.

Ron DiGiacomo

Ron DiGiacomo
Chief Compliance Officer
Ron leads the company's overall compliance efforts, ensuring that the cutting-edge products we develop are fully compliant with financial services regulations. He previously served as Chief Compliance Officer for Consumer Banking at JP Morgan Chase, Executive Vice President and Deputy Chief Compliance Office for Wells Fargo’s Consumer division, and General Counsel and SVP of Corporate Development for USAA. Ron received a BS from the Florida State University College of Business and a JD from the Florida State University College of Law.

Damian Crisafulli

Damian Crisafulli
Sr. Back-End Engineer
Damian was raised working in small business and has always had a passion for technology. His software engineering career has largely consisted of developing enterprise solutions for bleeding edge industries including Cyber Security, Cryptocurrency, and TeleHealth. Now Damian strives to bring his technical expertise to the Clair team with the goal of modernizing banking and access to wages for the digital age.

Wesley Cash

Wesley Cash
Wesley joins Clair after completing his B.A. at Harvard University. His curiosity in developmental economics and behavioral science led to his studies in Economics and Psychology. Previously, Wesley served as Managing Director and on the Board of Directors for Harvard Student Agencies and interned with Boston Consulting Group.


Denise Uy
Denise is a recent graduate from Columbia University, with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering. She previously interned with Mastercard, where she gained experience in digital banking and consumer credit cards.


Richard Jacobsen
Sr. Back-End Engineer


Scott Ferguson
Sr. Front-End Engineer


Zoe Brewer
Zoe is a rising junior at Harvard College studying Government, where she took a leave of absence to join Clair. Previously, Zoe interned on the investment team at Harvard’s endowment and served as the Head of Strategic Development for Harvard Student Agencies, the world’s largest student-run company.


Moaz Selim
Partnerships & Marketing
Moaz is a junior at Harvard College studying Applied Mathematics with a concentration in Economics. Before joining Clair, he worked as the Managing Director and Marketing Manager of Harvard Student Agencies Tutoring where he reworked the company's mission to better align with the goals of disadvantaged students. At Clair, he hopes to improve payroll standards for as many workers as possible to break the debt cycle in America.


Kristina Kelada


May Datul
Executive Assistant
May has 13 years of combined experience in both the corporate and virtual worlds. An Engineer by profession in the Philippines, she shifted to remote work to balance her career and family. Since then, she has supported many companies and top-level executives by efficiently managing administrative duties and responsibilities.


Clair is a golden retriever puppy who is technically a Gen Z-er but is a millennial at heart. She enjoys eating kale, playing with her avocado stuffed toy, and bringing joy to the rest of the team. Follow her on Instagram at Instagram.com/ClairTheGoldenGirl


  • Aditi Maliwal

    Aditi Maliwal

  • Micah Rosenbloom

    Micah Rosenbloom

  • Josh Diamond

    Josh Diamond

  • Michael Vaughan

    Michael Vaughan

    Former COO, Venmo

  • Craig Vaream

    Craig Vaream

    Former Head of Payments NA, JPMorgan

  • Nicholas Westphal

    Nicholas Westphal

    Former Head of Technology Private Equity, CDPQ

  • Thomas Kunz

    Thomas Kunz

    Former CEO, Danone Dairy and Danone Waters

  • Paul Appelbaum

    Paul Appelbaum

    Founder, Seamless

  • Chris Pfluger

    Chris Pfluger

    Founder, Optimatic

A transparent business model

Even in good times, we never charge fees to hourly employees in order to help them lead better financial lives. Here’s how we keep the lights on

Our Revenues

Employer Fees

Partner Fees

We charge our partners a small integration and service fee for the services we provide them

Interchange Fees

Interchange Fees

Whenever employees shop with their Clair card, Mastercard gives us a portion of the total transaction value

Where they go



We spend on the usual things that any business spends on: salaries, rent, developing the app, and more



We invest significantly in research and development to build the best technical products to help hourly workers

Cost of Float


We borrow money and pay interest in order to finance the cost of advancing wages so your employees can access them for free



And the rest is our profit, which we re-invest in building new and better products for hourly employees

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