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About Us

Our mission is to make every worker financially free.

We believe that financial freedom is the first step to living a more empowered life. For us, that means:

Giving workers access to their wages, for free, at the end of each workday

Providing quality financial services without any high or hidden fees

Working with employers to promote financial inclusivity

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Meet the Team


  • Aditi Maliwal

    Aditi Maliwal

  • Micah Rosenbloom

    Micah Rosenbloom

  • Josh Diamond

    Josh Diamond

  • Michael Vaughan

    Michael Vaughan

    Former COO, Venmo

  • Craig Vaream

    Craig Vaream

    Former Head of Payments NA, JPMorgan

  • Nicholas Westphal

    Nicholas Westphal

    Former Head of Technology Private Equity, CDPQ

  • Thomas Kunz

    Thomas Kunz

    Former CEO, Danone Dairy and Danone Waters

  • Paul Appelbaum

    Paul Appelbaum

    Founder, Seamless

  • Chris Pfluger

    Chris Pfluger

    Founder, Optimatic

A transparent business model

Even in good times, we never charge fees to hourly employees in order to help them lead better financial lives. Here’s how we keep the lights on

Our Revenues

We charge our partners a small integration and service fee for the services we provide them
Whenever employees shop with their Clair Debit Card, Mastercard gives us a portion of the total transaction value

Where they go

We spend on the usual things that any business spends on: salaries, rent, developing the app, and more
We invest significantly in research and development to build the best technical products to help hourly workers
We borrow money and pay interest in order to finance the cost of advancing wages so your employees can access them for free
And the rest is our profit, which we re-invest in building new and better products for hourly employees
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