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Clair On-Demand Pay is a new employee benefit already available to you through your HR tech provider. Offer your employees instant, flexible access to their earnings with no cost or lift on your end.

Clair is currently available to employers who use the following HR Tech providers:

What is Clair?

Clair is a banking app that gives employees access to a portion of the money they’ve already worked for, whenever they need it, wherever they want it.

How does it work?

Clair is already available through your existing time & attendance or payroll provider

If you use one of our HR tech partners (listed above), Clair may already be available to you. Reach out to us and we’d be happy to contact them for you!

No hassle for you: we handle everything!

No changes to payroll, no contractual relationship, no integration needed and no disruption to your cash flow.

Once your business has enabled Clair On-Demand Pay, your employees can start signing up

You will receive welcome info to learn more about Clair's on-demand pay and request materials for your employees.

  • Employees sign up and can access their advances on their Clair Debit Mastercard for free. Soon they'll also have the option to instantly transfer their earned wages to an external debit card for a transfer free.

  • Users’ on-demand pay balances vary based on how many hours they’ve worked

  • Users can take advances and use them immediately through their virtual Clair Debit Mastercard or external card

  • Clair collects any advanced wages during the next payroll cycle from the user’s Clair Account or external bank account

It’s a seamless, end-to-end experience for employers

A win for you, a win for your employees.

Giving employees instant access to their earnings is a proven benefit for employers. Enjoy increased filled shifts, retention, and productivity.

34% Reduction in absenteeism
40% Reduction in turnover
86% Increase in job performance

So, what’s the catch?
There’s no catch. When you win, Clair wins too.

When employees make purchases with their Clair Debit Mastercard, Mastercard pays us a portion of what they earn. This way, Clair On-Demand Pay will always be free for you and your employees.

Trusted by employers and employees

The ability for them [our caregivers] to get paid, at any time, day or night, is now becoming available to them, so when there are those emergency situations, they are able to get some money transferred into their account instantly. And best of all for everyone, it’s absolutely free.

Eric J. Visiting Angels

With Clair I don't have to ask people for gas money anymore to pay for my really long commute, I can also feed my kids without worrying about having funds in the account for groceries. This is the best program that my employer has ever had.

Latesha Employee

When I tell our employees about Clair, and their ability to get paid on their terms, their eyes light up. They almost think it’s too good to be true. It’s fantastic we can offer this valuable benefit for free.

Ken Air General

I feel financially free when I’m able to use my money as I work for it, getting paid on the spot. I can pay for my bills on time without having to take money out of my savings, wait for my paycheck or worry about overdraft fees. I feel peace of mind.

Adilene Employee

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